LED Grow Light

What You Should Know When Choosing LED Grow Light?

After continuous improvement, LED technology is much more advanced than traditional HPS and HID, and it is more helpful to the growth of plants. Everyone is more and more inclined to buy LED plant lights. At the same time, there are more and more LED plant light brands on the market. How do you choose? Next, we will analyze the main factors affecting the quality of LEDs from several aspects.


1. Product Components

1)Diode is one of the most important parts in an LED grow light. Quality diodes promise higher yields. Longer service life, and lower overall cost. The great LED brands use High quality diodes like Samsung LEDsEpistar and others.

2)A well-designed Power supply provide enough power while avoiding heat issue and saving energy. Well-known drivers such as Mean Well, MOSO, ect.

2. Core Data

1)Diode quantity

when explaining diode quantity, the concept of overdrive comes into play.
Generally speaking, when the wattage of the whole light is determined, the heat and current is determined, while the current running in a single led depends on the diode quantity.

The one with more diodes has lower current to run each diode, which avoids overdrive and overheating to make diodes have longer service life.

Diode quantity should be seen on manufacturers’ official sites. You can find them and compare them on yourselves.

2)PPFD Design

Most grow lights on the market have a high level of average PPFD, or PPE,and Most of them have high PPFD values in the middle and very low values around. 

Plants in the middle are at risk of being burnt; But if you hang it higher to avoide burns, you lose PPFs.

3.Security certification

Certifications provide a safety assurance for the products you buy, and transparent data offers no gap between merchants and buyers.


LED grow lights is a revolutionary solution to plant growth. Relying on sunlight to grow your plants is not always enough, especially for places that experience long sunless winters. Now, you can grow plants even inside your home. So, if you plan to buy LED grow lights, make sure to consider the tips above so you get the best one for your plants.


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